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Meet the Team!

Julie, LMT

"Hello and thank you for your interest in my bio! As a bodyworker of nearly two decades, I believe in honoring each client as an individual and listening to their goals, as well as to their bodies. I'm particularly passionate about offering my clients relief from headache pain, but no matter your concern, I recognize that unique experiences, emotions, backgrounds, diets and activity levels can affect our health and well-being. I look forward to meeting you and am pleased to help facilitate healing in your body.

Specialties: medical massage and injury treatment, myofascial release, SMRT (spontaneous muscle release technique), trigger point therapy, aromatherapy, cupping, Ayurvedic massage, table Thai massage, sports massage for athletes, hot stone and mineral massage, and headache relief for tension, sinus and migraine."


Patricia, LMT


"I was born and raised in Malaga, a beautiful city in the South of Spain between mountains and the Mediterranean sea. I moved to the U.S. in 1998 and have called it my home since then. After living in Florida for most part of that time, I decided to make a big move across country to Washington in the summer of 2021.


Professionally, I really enjoy helping others feel better in their lives. In 2001, I graduated from college with a Master’s in Psychology, and later in 2020 I earned a Bachelors in Alternative Medicine. I became a licensed massage therapist in Florida in 2018, after learning about Reiki and energy healing and later on becoming a Reiki Master.


Since then I have learned and practiced different modalities of massage from relaxation and deep tissue to cupping, hot stones, prenatal, and shiatsu.


One of my biggest passions is to care for animals and volunteer helping with rescued dogs and cats. I love it so much that I have 3 dogs and 4 cats. All 7 came from rescue organizations in Florida and traveled with us to our new home here in Washington. I also love to foster kittens and help them be ready for their forever homes. 


In my free time, I enjoy exploring, travelling and learning about new cultures and places while also spending time with my children and animals."

Whitney attended Ashmead College, graduating with honors in 2004. She has spent the last 18 years working as a Massage Therapist in various clinical settings in Western Washington. She specializes in Injury Treatment, Cupping Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, SMRT, Prenatal Massage, and Manual Lymph Drainage. 

Whitney, LMT

Kayla, Owner

"Hey! I'm Kayla, born and raised here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I started Elysian Mobile Massage in 2017 with just myself and two clients. Fortunately, as far as I knew, I had the only local in-home massage company out there, so growth happened quickly!

Between myself and our fabulous therapists we've provided THOUSANDS of massages for our local community.

I feel blessed to have such strong support for what we do and grateful for the all the amazing clients that have come to us over the years. 

I've since retired from performing massage (I was terrible at self-care and my hands let me know) and jumped into real estate. Quite the transition, but this has been a long time goal of mine and I am loving it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us, we hope to see you soon!"

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