Meet the Owner

Hey! I'm Kayla, born and raised here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I became a licensed massage therapist in 2011 after graduating Everest College.

I practiced everywhere from spas to a chiropractic office. Doing this, I was able to find my true calling, treatment work! I love working with people that want to get rid of pain, especially those that have pain from the office, here's why...

Prior to massage, I spent 4 years working at a desk. Then, in the middle of my massage career, took a break to go back to the office (why?!) for another 2 years.


In my early desk career, I suffered from daily headaches, debilitating low back pain, burning between the shoulder blades, and wrists that would snap crackle and pop.

SO, I get it! I love sharing everything I learned and developed on how to cope with the desk stress and get back to an optimally running body.


Now about ME; I love being outside! I enjoy hiking, kayaking, golfing (still learning), traveling or simply laying under the stars in my backyard. I'm also a momma to two dogs and eleven chickens.

In my spare mental time, I love learning more about energy, brain function, consciousness, and food! Massage is my main passion, food and mental health are a close second and third.


That's why I love what I do; massage for me isn't just about manipulation of soft tissue, it's about addressing and working with the body as a whole.