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Check for Forward Head Posture

For every 1" your zygomatic arch goes forward over your sternoclavicular joint, that adds 10 pounds of pressure to your erector column...

Neck pain

In English: for every 1” your cheekbone goes over your sternum (the part where your collar bones attach), this adds 10 pounds of pressure to the back of your neck.

How far forward is your head while you’re reading this?! Push it back, your eyes can look down or you can adjust your arms.

This is the FHP (forward head posture) epidemic we want to bring to your attention. This constant strain can lead to: headaches, neck/shoulder/back/low back pain, arm tingling pain and more. There are plenty of exercises and stretches you can do at home. This is also becoming a primary focus with my clients as more are becoming aware of this problem. I love integrating stretches with soft tissue manipulation to help you reach that mobility you need. So start with correcting your neck posture and see what else starts to fall into place.

Be physically aware, do your research, stand up straight, and of course, get a massage.


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