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How To Increase Circulation

What does "increased circulation" even mean? Why is it so good for you?


First, let's cover what poor blood flow circulation can cause.

On the more dangerous side, blood clots. If a blood clot forms, this can block your blood flow, and depending on location, can cause a stroke or damage to your arteries. You can also develop varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, dizzy spells, and restricted blood flow to the brain (these are just a few).

Signs of poor circulation include: leg cramps, numbness or tingling in the hands or feet, skin discoloration and swelling in the legs, high blood pressure, low energy and lethargy.

Now, increased circulation delivers essential nutrients and oxygen to all organs and cells within your body. This promotes cell growth and promotes better organ function; such as, your skin. Having healthy skin gives you a better chance at fighting off potential bacteria/infection threats, due to the healthy skin cells (not to mention warm glowing skin!).

Proper circulation allows waste to be carried away from essential organs in order to be broken down, leaving no build up of waste. We need proper circulation in order for our body to function correctly. Circulation is a fundamental feature of good health.

Pair this with a healthy food and water intake, and watch your ailments disappear! So how can you increase circulation?


Heard of "cardio"...short for "cardiovascular", relating directly to your circulation? Exercise will help strengthen your cardiovascular system and keep your heart pumping strong and effectively (great for weight loss as well).


If you don't want to exercise, massage may just be the next best thing. Massage stimulates the blood flow throughout your muscles (similar to exercise) with compression and intentional strokes and movement towards the heart.


Elevate your legs above your heart whenever you can (easiest at night with pillows or a firm foam pad). Lifting your legs helps empty the veins and transport any built up waste.

So get out there and get moving!


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