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Should I Get a Massage While I'm Sick?

October 18, 2017



Quick answer: no.


Massage not only increases blood circulation, but increases metabolic waste circulation as well and can overload your immune system.

This waste can then rush to your sinuses, making for a very uncomfortable massage, or post massage experience.

Depending on the illness and symptoms, you may be able to receive massage at the tail end of your illness. 

If you have a fever, an upset stomach, or you are experiencing uncontrollable coughing or mucus buildup, please stay home; do yourself and your therapist a favor, and get some well needed rest. 

Perhaps try a steamy hot bath, drink herbal tea (here is a great ginger tea!) and drink plenty of water (stay hydrated!).

And when you're ready, shoot us an email and schedule your next massage appointment.

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