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5 Benefits of In-Home Massage

In-Home Massage

1. Save on babysitter costs! There's no need for a sitter when you're in ear shot of your little ones. Nap time anyone?

2. No driving, no traffic, no stress. All you need to worry about after your in-home massage is finding a cozy spot to relax and sip some water. 3. Comfort. If you were to leave the house for a massage, you wouldn't have the luxury of taking a hot bath and showing up in slippers and a robe minutes before your massage starts. With mobile massage, you can! And a lot of clients do! 4. Saves time. We arrive 15 minutes early. This gives us a buffer in the beginning and end of your massage to be sure we start on time and end on time. Whereas driving to an appointment takes 15-30 minutes, one way? Then you'll show up early (who would be late to a massage?!) and wait another 5-10 before your massage starts. And finally, post-massage you're relaxed and stress free...then you're back in the car, sitting on a cold seat to drive home, let's hope there's no traffic. 5. Better interaction. During the 15 minute window, this is your time to talk to your therapist about what you have going on with your muscles and your body as a whole. We can then develop a proper treatment plan for you and discuss what we feel/see before and after your massage.

Never hesitate to send a message if you have any questions on the process! You can also check out our FAQ page to help answer additional questions.


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