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Happy New Year!

The holidays are in the rearview mirror and we are moving into the year 2022. Wow! It seems hard to believe. The days, at times, seemed to drag on the past two years with all the changes we encountered in our lives, however, the weeks and months flew by, at least it felt that way to me. How is it that we are turning yet another page on the calendar? It happens 12 times a year, but when we go from the old year to the new one it really feels like a new beginning. We just know this is the year things will be different in our lives! It happens every year and so we face 2022 with renewed vigor, or do we? How are you feeling about the New Year? Are you making New Year's resolutions this year? What does that include for you?

Maybe your list includes improving your overall health. You may want to save more money this year or to learn a new hobby or take some classes towards furthering your education. You might be resolving to unplug and spend more time with your family. Perhaps you are considering a career change. This may be the year you have decided to get organized and clean out the garage, attic or spare room once and for all, purging your home of things you no longer want or need. After the past two years and what that brought us, maybe you have decided it's time to live in the moment, every day! Whatever you are thinking about at this very moment, that is what you want to change! So let's see if we can help one another to make those resolutions stick this year.

As with any change, it takes perseverance. It isn’t easy to change habits, especially if they are years in the making. Out with the old, and in with the new! So, it looks like we should start with the old first. What habit can you eliminate so you can bring in a good one to replace it? Only you know what that is for you. Is it poor food choices? Or perhaps you sit and binge your favorite show on T.V. and afterwards you feel like you wasted your time when you had planned on getting off the couch and going for a walk. Change is what must happen if we truly want to stick to our resolutions. Determine what it is you want to change and then go about setting goals to make said change happen.

Let's start out evaluating what it is exactly you

want to change. Is it food choices? Why do you want to make changes, for better health or to lose weight? It will help to pinpoint 'why' you want to change things up. I know why I want to eat better; so I will be healthier and feel better. Do you want to add regular exercise into your weekly routine? It's a great way to strengthen our bodies and make us less susceptible to disease. Exercise also gives us energy and releases those wonderful endorphins that help reduce pain and makes us happy!

If saving money is your goal, what is it earmarked for? A vacation? Maybe it's for a down payment for something more permanent like a house? It could be a smaller endeavor like paying for classes for the skill or hobby you want to learn. Whatever it is, think about what it means to you and how it will enrich your life by setting a savings goal. If you are looking to finally get organized, make 2022 the year to conquer that hill! There are people who would love to have your excess items when you decide to pass them on. So again, think about the 'why' of wanting to get organized. Is it for more space to add something you've had your heart set on? Maybe just to declutter? Whatever the reason, getting organized will feel great when you get it done.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail...Benjamin Franklin

We have some homework to do! Figuring out what we want to change and why is the first step, then we can move forward on how to implement the changes to achieve our goals. It won't happen overnight, but it certainly won't happen if we do not make a plan.

Stay tuned...


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