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Just How Important Is Water?

Water is extremely important for the body to function properly. Your brain is composed of 73% water and your muscles are 79% water!


Just a slight decrease water can cause a temporary shrinkage of the brain due to the fluid loss.

Shrinkage of the brain leads to pulling away from your skull, which leads to pain receptors firing; can you say "headache"? This, among the hundred other reasons why water is so important, has led us here to share our 5 tips to increase your water intake. 1.) Invest in a good water bottle.

It doesn't have to be expensive, but it should be something that's easy to carry, feels good to drink from, and for some, aesthetically pleasing.

You can get the water bottle featured on our Instagram page here.

2.) Set drink reminders on your phone.

You can use your calendar or a repeating alarm; try setting them for your known 'dry hours' or have them go off once every hour. 3.) Create daily triggers.

Wake up? Drink water. Getting in the car? Drink water. Just used the rest room? Drink water. Use something that you do every day as a trigger to remind you to drink water. Try "every time I _____ I will drink one glass of water." 4.) Get an app (a step up from tip #2).

There are apps that allow you to track your intake, receive water notifications, calculate how much water you should have, and even give you motivation awards! "My Water Balance" is one of many, and for iPhone users, this is compatible with the watch! 5.) Have multiple bottles. We suggest a good sized water bottle in the home. A more compact one to carry in the car and purse. And one more for the office or place of work. All in hopes of eliminating having to purchase a water or say 'oops, forgot my water'. We hope these tips will help set you in the right path to a more hydrated lifestyle.

Drink up!


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